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Sunday, 17 December 2017
Digital Library
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The Ministry of Health and Population is expected to disseminate new knowledge, promote learning and build national consensus on health sector policy options for scaling up health services.  An essential framework to support this work is an efficient and effective information system that provides easily accessible information to policy makers, donor partners and the general public.  

The Ministry of Health and Population already has a conventional library located at the MoHP, Population Division Building in
 Kathmandu, which acts as a reference library.  Previously the conventional library did not have all the latest, relevant policy documents, guidelines and other health sector related documents available. However with the establishment of the new digital library the conventional library has also been updated and all the books and documents in the library have been integrated into a barcode system that allows for tracking of checked out documents and can send automated to users.

The digital library contains a searchable catalogue of over 2983 copies of documents and a searchable database of 551 full text documents. Most of the key policy documents and health acts are available in Nepali and officially translated into English.

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